Street racing is a popular and controversial sport.

Senses To Use

many senses

There are many senses to choose from when it comes to driving. Sight, touch and hearing are important in a driver’s arsenal. Each one can be useful for a variety of tasks, from alerting you to mechanical trouble to warning you of road conditions.


Other important senses include touch and smell. Among the other more obvious ones, the feel of the steering wheel is a must. Similarly, the smell of hot brakes is an alert for overheated brakes, while the scent of antifreeze is a definite no-no. Using the sense of smell while driving also helps to identify potential dangers like a fire in the engine compartment, or a faulty engine.


While we all know how important these senses are, most of us don’t fully appreciate how useful they can be in a safe and controlled environment. If you haven’t given thought to these senses while driving, you’re missing out. It’s worth the effort. Try it out and you’ll be amazed at how much better your driving skills will improve.

safety concerns

For example, while driving, we can use our ocular and auditory senses to tell us what's in front of us, what's around us and even what's happening in the distance.
Using all of our senses to the fullest can make for a safer and more enjoyable drive. By using all of our senses, we can stay focused on the task at hand.
When you're on the road, it's important to know when to use car driving signals. This will help you avoid traffic accidents and other safety concerns.


You should signal your intentions to turn, pull over, or change lanes before doing these things. This helps to ensure the safety of all people on the road. It can prevent rear-end crashes and increase the chance of your being noticed. 

hand signals

Basic hand signals can also be used in situations when other vehicle signals are unavailable or cannot be seen. Hand signals are commonly used by motorcyclists, skateboarders, and scooter-riders. Whether you’re a beginner driver or an experienced driver, it’s important to know how to use car driving signals. A little bit of practice will ensure you understand the proper timing of these signals.